Name The Music

Name The Music is a decades rewind that is one of a kind and #1 for fun!

Name The Music is a decades rewind that is one of a kind and #1 for fun!

Name The Music is a decades rewind that is one of a kind and #1 for fun!Name The Music is a decades rewind that is one of a kind and #1 for fun!


Name The Music is a family-friendly and fun high-energy trivia game featuring upbeat songs from all decades! Available to play at home, as a business subscription to host weekly contests, or as an event with a DJ in the Charleston, SC area!

Enjoy DJ hosted Name The Music trivia contests at home!


Upbeat family-friendly fun for everyone!

Our world has drastically changed, and the new normal is staying home during these uncertain and challenging times.  For some different entertainment that the entire family can enjoy during this quarantine, Name The Music trivia is now available for you to play at home.  And it's more than just music trivia... it's a party!

Each week up to four new contests (each approximately 15 minutes long) will be available for you to purchase and download for the opportunity to host your own Name The Music trivia night.  All you have to do is connect a speaker to the laptop, tablet or smartphone that you download the files to for your family and friends to enjoy a high-energy blast from the past six decades that is #1 for fun!.  

Each round includes a Contest MP3 audio file with DJ announcements introducing the songs, and another Answers MP3 audio file with DJ announcements going through the answers.  An example of what the contests sound like (at a business event) is below.


*  Go to the Name The Music Home Edition Payment section below.

*  Select the Number of Contests option you want.

    One Contest - $2.50

    Two Contests - $5.00

    Three Contests - $7.50 

    Four Contests - $10.00 

*  Click the Buy Now button.

*  You will receive a web link and password for the contest(s) via email, in addition to the contest form to print.  (Or you can download and print it below.)      

*  Download and save the files within 24 hours of your purchase, as the web link will expire after that.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  ( | 843.991.8712)

Name The Music Home Edition Payment



As social distancing has become reality, many are trying to figure out how to still enjoy their friends, family and community.  With a video conferencing service like Zoom, (a pro subscription is $14.99/month at, you can play Name The Music Home Edition with others like you used to do at a your favorite restaurant, bar or brewery!

To protect the integrity of the business, please don't share the contest download files with others.  (Referrals would be greatly appreciated... thank you!)

Name The Music Home Edition Contest Form

Name The Music Contest Example

A 7:21 example of a 1/2 hour Name The Music contest to showcase the great variety of upbeat songs (normally two minute snippets of each)... in addition to customized intros, liners and drops used to help ensure a high-energy good time!  It's a one of a kind decades rewind that is #1 for fun!



People of all ages love music, and are exposed to it every day. Music helps define your mood and is also associated with many good times.

That is why "Name The Music" is a great way to enhance your business, corporate party, social mixer or other special event, as your guests will be entertained because they are already very familiar with it.



 "Name The Music" is not a two hour commitment... contests take only 30-40 minutes. Guests can participate even if they are not visiting for long or if they arrive late.   However, most teams do play all four games (2+ hours) to increase their chance to win prizes. 

Each game involves 2 minute snippets of 10 upbeat songs where they guess:
* The name of the song.
* The artist of the song.
* The year the song was released as a single.  (The decade is given as a hint.)

The scoring system is as much fun as the music!

* 1 point for each correct answer in any category.

* Today's Twofer - One song each round that is 2 points for each correct answer in any category.

* Today's Triple - One song each round that is 3 points for each correct answer in any category.

*  Today's Takeaway - One song each round that is -2 points for a wrong song title answer and -2 points for a wrong artist answer.

* Turbo Tunes - At the end of each round there is a fast medley of five song snippets (40-50 seconds long) from one of the artists featured in the round for a chance to pick up to 5 extra points. (Identifying song titles only... 1 point for each correct answer.)



"Name The Music" has mass appeal, because it includes songs from the past six decades, so everyone can participate.

Families especially enjoy playing, with different generations collaborating to guess the answers.

"Name The Music" is business friendly as it doesn't interrupt your environment with a bunch of talk, it's music!



All "Name The Music" games consist of nothing but uptempo songs, keeping your atmosphere energized, and your guests in a happy mood!  Even people that don't participate enjoy the music and often stay much longer than planned, helping increase sales!


Many incidents of chair dancing and singing have been known to happen as people have fun hearing songs that bring back special times or memories.

"Name The Music" is more than just a game... it is a three hour party... providing 50% more entertainment than most other restaurant/bar promotions!

Many businesses have state of the art house sound systems for music and sports events to entertain their guests.  With a minimum investment purchasing a mixer, microphone and some cables, you can easily connect a laptop or other device to your system to host your own Name The Music trivia events!

With a Name The Music trivia subscription, you receive four new contest MP3 audio files and four contest answers MP3 audio files every week for your own host or DJ to execute.  (About 2 1/2 hours.)  For each round they will introduce the contest, announce the decade for each song, score the team sheets, give the answers, announce the winning team, and award whatever prize you decide to provide.  

Complete support includes:

* Contest Forms

* Answer Sheets

* 8 1/2 x 11 flyers and 11 x 17 posters

* Customized contest playlists (by decade) for your clientele. 

All you have to do is turn one of your outgoing employees into a Name The Music trivia host and your're good to go with an affordable new and exciting promotion to entertain your guests!  Of course, having  an outside DJ with their own equipment to do the promotion is also an option.

The cost is only $100.00/week for a 6 week contest subscription package, or $75.00/week for a 13 week contest subscription package... with a signed non-compete agreement that you will not execute the contests anywhere else and will not record, copy, or share them with anyone.  The contests can only be downloaded to one device and will expire soon after use.   


Name The Music Business Subscription Payment

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