"Name The Music" contests take only 30 minutes. Guests can participate even if the are
not visiting for long... or they can stay and play
all four games (2+ hours) to increase their
chance to win prizes.
Each game involves 2 minute snippets of
10 songs where they guess:
* The name of the song.
* The artist of the song.
* The year the song was released as a single.
(The decade it was released is given as a hint.)

Each correct answer scores 1 point... except for one "daily double" song per round that is worth 2 points per answer.
The team with the highest point total wins!
Suggested prizes: A $10.00 gift certificate
for each game. A $30.00/$20.00/$10.00 gift certificate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams with the highest total scores should also be considered to help keep guests longer and encourage weekly return visits.